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Amend Jacks Law to include Statutory Bereavement Leave for all family members

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Did you know that if a loved one dies your employer doesn't have to give you time off from work? 3 days seems to be the normal time given.

My son Jack died suddenly just before his 2nd birthday and I was to discover the lack of entitlement but I campaigned for statutory Bereavement Leave and Jacks Law was created in April 2020.

Please sign this petition to ask the government to amend Jacks Law to include the death of a Spouse, Grandparent, Sibling etc.

In the immediate aftermath of the death families have to cope with their individual loss, the grief of their wider family, including other children, as well as a vast amount of administrative and other arrangements such as the funeral and in some cases a post Mortem.

Just three days off for a family death is an anomaly and I ask for your help to have this amended.

During Covid-19 lockdown it has made it more paramount that Jacks Law is amended to include other family deaths.

I am asking that Jacks Law includes other family members.

Grief can effect us at different times, it's something that we learn to cope with but it never leaves us #talkingishealing #jackslaw