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Make LOC gameplay fair to all - Ban Cheaters

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There is obvious cheating going on in this game.  Most people play fairly however recently the events are being won by one or two people using BOT software on a PC.  There have been posts on neoseeker advertising to sell BOT software and screen shots of it have been sent to LOC Admin however nothing has been done about it.  Screenshots of cash sales have also been sent to LOC and nothing happens on that.

Now we have a new Raid event - and somehow the players in the BOT guild had inside information (we all remember the LOC leaker chat room) and somehow knew that the previous raid event cards (specifically the raid evo Calatona) would still work like new in this event.  There are currently B collo class accounts (new games) that are in the top 10 ranks, passing S and SS class accounts.  Does LOC admin think that we the honest players are really that dumb not to notice this happening?  The BOT guild is winning and the BOT players are in top ranks...again.  

This event should be STOPPED.  The event cards should be fixed so only new cards work, and then restart the event.  That is the only fair way to fix the event properly.  Then Admin needs to step up and watch the suspected BOT games.  If this doesn't happen - then all players who bought gems and pulled this raid card packs demand refund in full.  

We will not spend anymore for gems on a Scam Game unless ADMIN fixes the game and bans the BOTS and CHEATERS!  As loyal LOC gamers we all feel cheated when we clearly see cheating and report it and nothing happens.  The BOTS are ruining the fair play of game.  As an honest player who honestly won many events in the past I have a pretty clear knowledge of gameplay and know what is possible by a human and what is not.

We demand a fair and honest game - stop scamming and ban cheating players!!






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