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Legalize Zoosexuality & Start Socially Accepting It

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Please legalize zoosexuality for animals the size of humans or larger for no abuse involved, no cruelty, no harm done to the animal and the animal consents via body language which is a truth many people overlook or ignore... This is a legit sexual orientation like homosexuality, only with certain animals...Now whether society will ever accept it, I don't know...But I hope they do...

For more information, please refer to articles on anti-zoosexuality and why it's bad, by Googling that on Google....


Some examples of arguments supporting this can be found on here:

etc. etc.

These laws against zoosexuality are unconstitutional, breaking the 14th Amendment, Section 1 and the 1st Amendment - Freedom of Speech...


If this is legalized, I am not saying that will justify abuse towards women or physical harm towards other people, just for peaceful protesting to be enacted and this is nothing similar to pedophilia which involves raping little children.....There is nothing wrong with this practice..The people that argue against it aren't filled with information but misinformation and myths... Thank you for understanding...

 Other reasons I see fit in terms of legalization of this (IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ):

- I've seen many pet owners mistreat their animals in ways I cannot begin to


- We eat animals and sea animals ---- Is this morally wrong? YES!!! We need to 

  find a different kind of protein ----- like insects, bugs, nuts, etc..

- People wear animal skin on their clothing, people buy animal skin on the seats of

  their car or truck or SUV that they buy -----> this is also WRONG!!

- Homosexuals must not be given different treatment than zoos....We're all

  Americans and we all deserve the same treatment...No one is inferior to another,

  regardless of the lies people tell you...

- We need to find a way to create human-animal hybrids because the world has

   too many humans, and maybe too many animals and there needs to be a new

 species to inhabit the Earth incase we die off

- Many women, more than men, find this immoral or sick or disgusting because

  they fail to take the time to really investigate the subject matter and because of that

 make pre-judgments..I suppose they formerly did this also with homosexuals...

- Don't forget! We live in a democracy, let's keep it that way instead of doing away

  with it...

- Some or many of the statues of the Constitution are important to consider

  regarding this..

- We are not morally superior to animals...I've seen behavior in our own species that

  resembles strongly that of the kind seen in our animal neighbors aka savage

  behavior and treatment...Animals can consent and through a kind that is often overlooked by many, especially women: body language.. Also many can mimic human speech and behavior..

- Laws change over time and many sexual laws have changed over time as people

  grew more open-minded to other orientations or what they call behaviors


- Cops don't need to enforce a law that no one snitches to them about or they don't

  happen to notice....

- This behavior has been going on since biblical times and thus is nothing new or recent 

- The Bible condemns homosexuality with the same fairness it also condemns this activity...Whereas, unfortunately, in modern society, it is not...


Etc. Etc...

 Don't get the presumption that I hate animals when I make this petition...That's not true! I do dearly love animals, but I hate the way us zoos are treated in society and not treated as normal Americans, we are often shunned or hated on and viciously..


Even though it is currently illegal, only at state level, many zoos who are persecuted by others have the legal right to have their persecutors prosecuted, whether you like it or not....

 The differences between bestiality, zoophilia, zoosexuality, zoosadism and zoomasochism in a nutshell:

- zoosexuality: a legit orientation denoting an individual that expresses love and

                          affinity for an animal

-zoophilia: a sexual fetish label given to those who have sex with animals plus

                    express love and affinity for that animal; often viewed by society as a

                    mental illness

- bestiality: the forced sexual intercourse of an animal for the pure selfish pleasure

 the individual; sometimes forced sex is considered abuse or cruelty among species

- zoosadism: abusing an animal physically i.e. hitting, slapping, slaughtering, etc.

-zoomasochism: an event where an animal seemingly shows body language that they are enjoying the abuse and not receiving or feeling pain and suffering from it



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