Legalize use of Thermal Imaging/Night Vision optics for predator/hog hunting in Missouri

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This petition is being started to show the Missouri Department of Conservation that there is a large interest in the state allowing the use of Thermal Imaging and Night Vision optics for predator hunting. The technology in these optics makes it very easy to distinguish between targets of interest and targets that are off limits (coyotes/bobcats vs deer). Our neighboring state of Illinois allows the use of these optics for predator hunting in their state. The Illinois law, as stated from the Illinois DNR website is copied and pasted below. It is time for Missouri to adapt the same policies and open up the use of Thermal Imaging/Night Vision optics to help control our growing predator population. 

Please sign this petition and let’s send a message to the Conservation Department that the people want to be able to use this technology for predator hunting. This petition does not condone using this technology for anything other then predator control in our state.

The laws need to be written so that if you’re caught shooting deer or any animal not allowed by the language of the law, the penalties are severe enough to send a message that this behavior will not be tolerated.

Here’s the Illinois law as copied from their website:

- Coyotes can be hunted 24 hours a day from 1/2 hour before sunrise on Nov. 10 through midnight on March 15. During the rest of the year, hunting hours for coyotes are 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset.
- Hunters need a hunting license and habitat stamp unless exempt.
- Coyotes may be hunted on private property using dogs, archery devices, any type and caliber of handgun, any type of legal rifle including large capacity semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns using any type of shell. During firearm deer seasons, coyotes may be taken only by hunters with valid, unfilled deer permits using the same types of firearms that are allowed for deer. When hunting with a shotgun, make sure that the magazine has been fitted with a plug which makes the shotgun incapable of firing more than three consecutive shots.
- Electronic calling devices are legal for coyote hunting.
- It is legal to bait coyotes as long as any wild game used was legally taken.
- Illinois does not restrict the type of sights or scopes that are used (including laser sights and night vision scopes).
- Lights with any color of lens can be used while hunting coyotes as long as the lights are not used from any vehicle or conveyance (including ATVs and horses) and the lights are not connected to the vehicle or conveyance.
- It is unlawful for a coyote hunter to wantonly allow a dog to hunt on another person’s land without first obtaining permission of the landowner or tenant. If a hunting dog crosses onto property in which the coyote hunter has no permission to hunt, the hunter has no legal right to follow the dogs. Illinois Animal Control Laws or other local animal control ordinances could apply to dogs running at large.
- Coyote hunters are required to keep their guns unloaded and in a case while in a vehicle or on a conveyance (including but not limited to ATVs and horseback) unless exempt by special DNR permit.
- Guns must remain unloaded until the hunter is clear of the road and right-of-way alongside the road.
- Coyote hunters must wear a cap and 400 square inches of solid blaze orange when hunting in a county when first and second firearm deer seasons are in progress.
- Before coyote hunting at public hunting areas, check with the site office for site specific regulations.
- It is legal to hunt coyotes while using or possessing a tree climbing device.