Legalize the use of artificial light while predator hunting at night with a rifle.

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Artificial light use for predator hunting in Minnesota

This is a proposal for the use of artificial light during night hours in the state of Minnesota to harvest predators.  The law currently allows the use of artificial light with the use of a shotgun, but not with a rifle from January 1st to March 15th.

Key Points:

Better visibility of target / Verify target
More ethical harvest of wild game

Ideas for regulation:

Must have hand/electronic call in possession
Must be at least 200 feet from road
Cannot be affixed to any motor vehicle 

Other states that legalize artificial light use.

South Dakota – Private ground only
Nebraska – On foot only

Possible Addition to rule.

Allow light use from January 1st to 1 day before archery opener.  Lights not allowed from Archery opener to December 31st.