Petition Closed

This petition is for the legalization of marijuana in the State of Mississippi. I feel that the rising numbers of black market criminals, as well as the violence associated with these crimes could be cut back immensely by legalization. I also feel that the use of methamphetamine and wrongful ingestion of pharmaceutical drugs could be eradicated if this harmless herbal substance were made readily available to the ones who need it.

Letter to
Mississippi State House
Mississippi State Senate
Mississippi Governor
We are all concerned about the rising tide of drug trafficking related crime in our state. As concerned citizens we feel that simply spending more money on the police force, and employing harsher penalties and tactics for the prosecution of these criminals, is not the solution. It is simply treating the symptom, but not the virus. We feel that the legalization of medical marijuana is a powerful first step in stymieing the black market trade, ultimately removing the main item sold. Granted, it is only a first step, and many users are only recreational, but it will knock out many of the illegal sales made. By stopping even only a few sales, you are stopping a few dealers from becoming violent to other dealers or customers. You are stopping a few children from being able to readily purchase a substance that you claim is dangerous. You are stopping a few citizens from turning to alcohol (a substance that IS proven to claim uncountable lives to brain damage, liver damage, and reckless driving) to deal with their depression or other mental disorders. You may be stopping a few individuals from experimenting with methamphetamine and wrongfully ingesting pharmaceuticals. And beyond all of these logical reasons to legalize, you will be creating a few much needed jobs for our state, as the dispensaries will need operators, You will also be generating a few extra dollars of income, which as a small town public school attendee I can tell you, we desperately need. Ladies and gentlemen, make the right choice, I know that this is a hot button issue right now as more and more states choose to legalize, but really compare the pros verses the cons to this issue, really look at anything that possible could be wrong with legalization. You will see that this is the right thing for your citizens.