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Legalize illegals who marry citizens

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Sometimes when illegals arrive to the USA. They hope to find a citizen to marry. The thinking being a path to legalization would be more easy. Who could blame them?  Sometimes those marriages are just a business relationship. But sometimes they are not. Sometimes the love between the two people is real. I propose that illegals who are in a genuine marriage to an American citizen(as opposed to a business arrangement) be given one of the following. An instant green card or permanent protective status until a green card can be obtained. And with that,  a path to citizenship and a reasonable fine.
My wife is Salvadoran. We've been married since 2008. We started her immigration paperwork back then and have been waiting for instructions from the government for the last two years. Marrying a citizen does not mean instantly solving a problem. She has TPS but will lose it come September 2019.  She came here to find work to support her mother and her daughter. The daughter I was able to bring here twelve years later. Other family members help. But only a little. While others have completely ignored that this woman, my wife's mother, is currently caring for their children. All of this burden ends up falling into my wife's lap.

Gangs tried to extort money from my mother-in-law in El Salvador. They knew her daughter was here in the USA. They threatened to have their way with the eldest female child she was taking care of if she didn't pay up. We gambled and didn't pay. We won. We were lucky. A similar scenario occurred a week prior to ours. That daughter, we were told, was murdered by a different gang. Sending back Salvadorans will put them at risk of situations like this.

Most illegals want to come legally. But, it's ridiculously expensive and therefore almost not possible. An example of the high cost of immigration is the green card. If you lose it. The cost to replace it is an outrageous $540 dollars.

There is a myth held by immigrants that to live and work in the USA is easy. When they arrive. They quickly learn that this is indeed just a myth. When these people are repatriated they will be subjected to harassment by gangs for all the money they've earned with high potential for a deadly outcome should they refuse. Call the police? They are corrupt and/or fearful of the gangs as well.

We created a blended family. Three of our children were born here. I sponsored the fourth to come here from El Salvador. My wife has been a taxpayer since 2001. She came here in hopes of finding a way to support her family. She succeeded and hopes to continue. Please respect the institution of marriage. Please save illegals from harm and give a leg up to those illegals that have entered into a genuine marriage with citizens of the United States of America. 


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