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Legalize Hens in Haverford Township

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In Haverford Township it is illegal to have chickens on a property that is smaller than one acre. My friend and I, who are 8th graders, believe that Haverford Township residents should be able to have hens (not roosters) on a smaller piece of land. We want to raise hens in our backyard because they provide fresh eggs, they eat weeds and turn them into compost, and they eat ticks. Contrary to popular opinion, hens are not loud (like roosters), smelly, nor do they carry disease.

We are planning to go to a Commissioners Meeting to request that hens be classified as domestic animals, rather than farm animals. If they are classified as domestic animals, we can raise them in our backyard, which is less than an acre. 

We, the undersigned, request the Haverford Township Board of Commissioners reclassify hens as domestic animals. Please share this link with other Haverford Township residents. To sign you must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of Haverford Township.

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