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Legalize Gay Marriage Everywhere

Us, Gay people should be able to marry the ones we love. We are suppose to be the "Land of the Free", but gay people can't marry the same sex? Sounds free all right. Also, where is the Equal Rights in this we are suppose to have? People want bullying to stop but the ones trying to stop it are causing it.

Just because people are attracted to the same sex doesn't mean they don't have the same feelings like everyone else. Lets say the situation was turned the other way and people weren't allowed to marry the opposite sex. How would you guys feel? Just like we do. You would also be kept from marrying the ones you love.

We aren't a disease or an alien some people make us out to be. We are just as human as you are. Just by being near us will NOT turn you gay either.

So how about we stop the bullying and discrimination and make Gay Marriage Legal. Make everyone Happy! I am a Lesbian that wants to be able to marry the one I Love in the future.

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