Legalize Cannabis/Industrial Hemp Federally and in ALL 50 States

Legalize Cannabis/Industrial Hemp Federally and in ALL 50 States

July 23, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Justin Burton



Legalize it. Educate folks about it. Research it freely.

I was inspired to create this petition because, despite the 2018 Farm bill which removed Hemp from the schedule 1 list of controlled substances, North Carolina lawmakers are now trying to pass a ban on all Hemp farming (NC Senate House Bill 315). I posted a video regarding this fight which is posted below.

The only role government should play is reasonable, responsible age restrictions on all sales. Otherwise, any legislation regarding Cannabis is a fundamental interference in the affairs of adults who use it responsibly. Just because a sizeable profit can be made by something doesn't mean the government has the right to infringe upon the people and get loads of money from it. If our government wants to make a ton of money from taxing Cannabis why don't they just grow it themselves and sell it, and leave it up to the people whether or not they want to buy it? It's fine if they still want to tax it, but that shouldn't be the only focus. Simply stated, the deeper issue is personal freedom. The overall message here: "DEAR U.S. GOVERNMENT,  MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!" I would suggest the government focus on more important issues like drug overdose prevention, infrastructure, Healthcare, education, etc. and honestly representing the best interests of "we the people"! Law enforcement says they can't tell the difference between smokable hemp flower and marijuana; my response is simple - leave them both alone and stop harassing the American people over this! The whole War on Drugs is one of the most destructive institutions because we are, and have been for decades, literally destroying ourselves from within by treating it like a criminal problem when it really is a public health issue. Educating the public is one of the most powerful tools to promote responsible and ethical policy.

Personally, CBD has literally replaced numerous prescription anti-depressents with no harmful side-effects. The benefits I have reaped from smokable hemp flower go beyond the power of words. Generally speaking, government overreach is absolutely out of control. Laws rarely in and of themselves are a strong deterrent, most especially when, as in this case, they are hideously unjust. Are our state and federal governments incapable of just allowing adults choose for themselves what is best for them without constant interference and unnecessary regulation?

Let's stop fining people, giving them criminal records, locking them up, and seizing their personal property over a plant!

Cannabis and Hemp are beneficial plants that should no longer be criminalized. The majority of Americans want this plant to be 100% legal just like alcohol and tobacco (both of which are highly more dangerous and proven fatal - unlike Cannabis and Industrial Hemp(Cannabadiol - CBD)). If history has taught us anything,  it is that prohibition simply doesn't work!

Many people can benefit medicinally from Cannabis and hemp as well. Cannabis plants can be a safe alternative to conventional prescription drugs, which often cause numerous unwanted side-effects, to treat PTSD, anxiety disorders, insomnia, pain, loss of appetite, opioid addiction, alcoholism, seizures, and chronic depression - just to name a few. Some would argue we don't know enough about the long-term effects of using this plant. I would argue that this plant is as old as dirt and if there were detrimental long term consequences to its use we would know by now!


This video is a woman with Parkinson's disease using Cannabis, AMAZING!!!!

NC House Senate Bill 315

Grass (Historical Documentary)

Is Marijuana Medicine? Debate(Joe Rogan)

Mason Tvert on Tucker Carlson Show

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Signatures: 1,519Next Goal: 2,500
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