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Legalize Cannabis for Medicinal and Recreational Use for the State of Tennessee


The legalization of Cannabis for medicinal use will help ease the conditions of many citizens suffering from seizures, epilepsy, tumors,  and cancer. [Sources: | | ] The legalization for recreational use of Cannabis will decrease the amount of prisoners, - less spending of our tax money on prisoners incarcerated for posession - and also increase revenue for the state; only when legalized, regulated, and taxed. With this revenue, we could fund schools in a more proper manner, maybe fill that pothole that slowly but surely takes a toll on the suspension of your car, or fund the construction and regulation of State Parks so we may preserve nature for the future generations.

 Hemp, a very close cousin of cannabis, has thousands of uses, and hemp is also the strongest and most durable natural soft fiber known to mankind. "Although the environmental and biodiversity benefits of growing hemp have been greatly exaggerated in the popular press, C. sativa is nevertheless exceptionally suitable for organic agriculture. "  [Source: ]

So much could be accomplished if our state could tap into the potential 100 billion dollar market of Cannabis.  I'd like you to think about that number; 100 billion dollars. One Hundred Billion. Just one billion is 999,999,999 plus 1. Now Mulitiply that by one hundred. Just a fraction could be reaped for our state and fund the betterment of our society. [Source: ]

Why have we not legalized a drug so harmless that it has never killed a Human being in the recorded history of human kind? The Center for Disease Control  does not even have a category for deaths caused by the use of marijuana. Laboratory animals were able to tolerate doses of up to 1,000 mg/kg (milligram per kilogram) before death. That means for a 155 pound human being it would take somewhere around 70 grams which is  5,000 times the amount of cannabis used to achieve a "high." [Source: ]

The CDC does, however, have a category of deaths for Alcohol. Alcohol is legalized, and it takes the lives of 80,000 a year, give or take. Why can't cannabis be legalized? [Source: ] 

I'm here to tell you cannabis can; only with the help of your signature.

Help legalize medical and recreational use of cannabis for the state by signing this Petition.


Of  course, not all of the cold hard facts are present here on this petition, (after all, it is a petition and not a fact sheet) but if you are interested in educating yourself further about cannabis you may search for a documentary by the name of "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High." It is published on YouTube for the public to have access to it. Here is the link:

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