Legalize backyard Chicken raising in North Miami

Legalize backyard Chicken raising in North Miami

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Why this petition matters

Started by Kourtney Figueroa

This petition was made to get chicken & quail keeping legalized in North Miami. There is an overwhelming number of wild roosters, hens, and chicks roaming the city already so it makes no sense that we cant keep hens at least in coops. Its just silly & hypocritical. 

This petition is asking for the city to allow for a safe & clean practice of keeping hens & chicks only. So if you find it in your heart. Please sign and share with others!

There are many benefits to raising a small flock of chickens such as:

- Pest control (mosquitos, fleas, and ticks that can carry dangerous diseases) 

- Compost: Nutrient Content: 0.5% to 0.9% nitrogen, 0.4% to 0.5% phosphorus, and 1.2% to 1.7% potassium

- Healthy egg consumption. FREE Farm fresh organic eggs, which are a lot more nutrient-rich, have a longer shelf-life and are more flavorful, invest in your health. 

- Therapeutic: Chickens offer significant therapeutic benefits for people of all ages and are proving a powerful therapeutic tool for those suffering from anxiety, depression, isolation, loneliness, and dementia. 

- Educational: Art, Technology, Engineering, Science, Medicine, and Agriculture are all key components to chicken & quail keeping. This can open many doors for our youth to get into groundbreaking careers and keep them off the streets. Plus with the majority of families spending more time at home and children schooling from home backyard chickens & quail are a great way to teach responsibility to children. 

Here are a few quotes from supporters

Esperanza R - Miami Shores
"As long as there are no roosters, I think it is fantastic. It minimizes our ecological & carbon footprint"

Max M - Upper East Side
"Great idea, hens yes, no roosters"

Jo M - Biscayne Park
"I had a very nice clean chicken coop in Texas & our law was 4 hens but no rooster. Keep it clean & no smell, so no problem. Eggs galore!"

Gretell H - Davis Harbour
"I would love to have their eggs and they are amazing animals."

This is what the people need and want!

See below is the current code of ordinances for North Miami. Sec. 4-11. - Keeping fowl, poultry, wild animals, or farm animals within the city is prohibited.

Except for feral cats, the keeping, harboring, and maintaining of fowl, poultry, wild animals, farm animals, and more than four (4) pigeons or four (4) rabbits shall be strictly prohibited. This section shall not apply to municipal, state, or federal agencies charged with operating, maintaining, or overseeing public facilities, parks, preserves, or other public lands. (Ord. No. 1250, § 1, 2-26-08)

Definitions: Fowl means guineas, peafowls, pheasants, and pigeons. Poultry means geese, turkeys, chickens, and ducks.


If you're an urban homesteader, gardener, or farmer, let's change this together.

127 have signed. Let’s get to 200!