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Legalize and Regulate Marijuana in Texas for Adult Use and Medical Use

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We are Texans For Marijuana Reform. Instead of making a huge speech, we'd like to lay out a blueprint that should easily be agreeable to all parties involved. We know that marijuana reform isn't a partisan issue. 83% of Texans favor some form of legalization. We demand that the voices of Texans be heard.

  1. Home Grows: Allow two plants to be grown for personal use. No outside grows should be allowed, thus eliminating theft and the probability of someone under the consumption age of 21 having open access to it. Renters must follow the rules put forth by their respective landlords. Home grows should be not accessible to minors or those under the consumption age of 21(there are various indoor grow products that limit access by way of locks that, at the very least, make it much more difficult for minors to access).
  2. Dispensaries: Allow cities throughout Texas to opt out, however, the taxes collected throughout the state will not be dispersed for programs in a city who chooses to opt out.
  3. Amount on Hand: Allow Texas citizens to carry up to one half ounce outside of the home. This includes coming from a dispensary. We believe this is less restrictive than the Texas government would want, but more restrictive than most places... so we are trying to meet in the middle. 
  4. Sale: Only licensed dispensaries should be allowed to sell marijuana products. Direct "unlicensed" or "black market" person to person sale should be prohibited. Sales to minors, not excluding licensed sales, should be punishable to the fullest extent that the law allows(due to facts that we know regarding harms done to the developing brain of a minor).
  5. Gifting: This should be allowed between responsible parties(friend to friend). Unlicensed storefronts should be barred from gifting(such as free marijuana for the purchase of another item or service).
  6. Driving Under the Influence: Should be prohibited. Law enforcement officials should be equipped with a breathalyzer test(as distributed by Cannabix Technologies or Hound Labs) to do roadside impairment testing, as it is well known that blood, hair, and urine testing is wildly inaccurate for time limited testing. DUI of marijuana should be punishable in the same fashion as an alcohol DUI(including up to suspension of driving privelages).
  7. Use while pregnant or breastfeeding should be met with caution unless otherwise directed by a certified medical professional.
  8. Taxes: Taxes from are projected to bring in over $3 billion in revenue to the state, less the cities who choose to opt out per point 2 of this blueprint. This sizeable increase in tax revenue should be directed towards police departments, school programs, homeless resident programs, use prevention programs for minors, veteran's programs, as well as any other programs seen as necessary by legislators. Taxes should remain reasonable throughout the state to discourage "black market" sales.
  9. Jobs: The adult use of marijuana legalization will create thousands of new jobs throughout the state. However, job creators should have the right to ban use while at work similar to alcohol. We do believe that what you do in your off time is your own business and not up for debate with regards to an employer. It should not be the employer's duty to stop an impaired employee from driving home, but employer's should inform local law enforcement if said employee chooses to leave the premises impaired. Employer's should have the right to terminate employment if said employee is impaired on the job after a test with the appropriate equipment takes place, similar to policies in place for alcohol or drugs. However, as we have said before, urine, blood, or hair samples tests are not appropriate in any situations regarding legal marijuana. 
  10. Again, this is only a blueprint. These are only suggestions. We look forward to any further discussions with state lawmakers going forward. We have more ideas that could make Texas the state to get marijuana reform done correctly, safely, and efficiently. Thank you for signing the petition.
  11. If the federal government tries to step in and stop the will of the Texas citizens, Texas government shall use whatever legal means necessary to tell the federal government to back off. We find this highly unlikely, as President Trump has agreed to protect legal marijuana states and 34 members of Congress have signed on to the Marijuana Justice Act.

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