Legalising Euthanasia in WA

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Many elderly people in society are struggling with physical illness and as a result of this, wish to die peacefully, as opposed to other methods. However, currently Euthanasia is illegal as some of our civilisation is opposed to the idea of it, because they believe that everybody has a reason to live and should not give up on life, when there is a chance that a persons health could improve. Due to assisted suicide being illegal, thousands of people each year are being forced to go overseas to die peacefully. This means that they cant even die in their home country! We believe that in Australia, euthanasia should be legalised because people deserve to have the bodily autonomy to choose whether or not they die and the elderly who are in pain should not be forced into leading a life of sadness and discomfort. Join the fight and sign this petition. Help to peacefully end the lives of those who are suffering! 

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