Organizing a Class Action Lawsuit against YouTube for Unreasonable Censorship

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February 25, 2018. 

YouTube is increasingly censoring and demonetizing content creators without explanation. It can be demonstrated that some censored content does not in any way, shape or form violate YouTube's Community Guidelines

By the United States Justice Department's guidelines for determining a monopoly power, YouTube seems to fit the definition. "Notwithstanding that a high share of the relevant market does not always mean that monopoly power exists, a high market share is one of the most important factors in the Department's examination of whether a firm has, or has a dangerous probability of obtaining, monopoly power. A high share indicates that it is appropriate to examine other relevant factors. In this regard, if a firm has maintained a market share in excess of two-thirds for a significant period and market conditions (for example, barriers to entry) are such that the firm's market share is unlikely to be eroded in the near future, the Department believes that such evidence ordinarily should establish a rebuttable presumption that the firm possesses monopoly power."

This petition is to determine if there are enough content creators who are interested in finding legal counsel in order to organize a class action lawsuit against YouTube.

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