Use the same standard for Moms and Dads! #freepierrebotha

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Yesterday we celebrated victory! Pierre is free - thanks to you, the media and the NPA. He is grateful for your support and worried about his daughter. He forgives the people who damaged his car and pointed a gun at him. He (again) invites Mom to cooperate with him and privately reach a settlement that respects the parents and protects the child. But last night we saw injustice in action again!

What happened on Friday? When the public heard that he had "kidnapped a child using force" and "was aggressive and possibly armed", 3(?) cars chased Pierre on the highway and 1 bumped him to a stop. He lost his side mirror and his fender and door were damaged. It will cost R30 000 to fix. He was taken out of the car and put on the ground under a gun. It could have been worse: he could have rolled, the gun could have gone off, his daughter could have died. She was taken away and he spent the next 3 nights in jail. This happened in front of a child!

What happened on Monday? Brooklyn's police wanted to keep Pierre for another day without a docket and another 7 days to verify his address. Pierre is free because the prosecutor intervened.

What happened last night? Pierre went back to Brooklyn police station. No one must be accused of kidnap, publicly humiliated and in jail when he takes his child on holiday. He reported

Crimen injuria (defamation)
Causing damage to property (his car)
Breaching s35 of the Children's Act (obstructing parental responsibilities and rights)
Perjury (false accusations on oath)
Breaching s305(3) of the Children's Act (deliberate neglect and abuse)

He was turned away! The same station that rushed to arrest him on Friday, put him in jail until Monday morning and wanted him in jail for 7 days more refused his complaints on Monday evening. Be fair! If you reject 5 reasonable cases on Monday, then reject an unreasonable case on Friday. If you accept Mom's weak complaint on Friday then accept Dad's stronger complaints on Monday. If not, it's double standards.

What happens today? Pierre is going back to the police - this time in Middelburg. Will they turn him away as well? Minister of Police, s7 of the Bill of Rights promises equality. Whatever standard you apply to the one gender, apply it to the other, because the current double standard is teaching false accusers to abuse the system and good parents to lose faith in the system that should keep children safe.