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Dear LPQB,

First of all, thank you for working during this MCO period. I am sure you have families and loved ones at home to care for as well as anxiety in regards to the pandemic. Thank you also for taking the time reading this petition. We do believe you have our best interests at heart as CLP Candidates and are working as hard you can to find the best solution.

Humbly, we write to voice our concerns amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in regards to our examinations in July 2020 for you to consider. 

The Movement Control Order (MCO), a nationwide Order set by the Malaysian Government, has been extended from March 31st to April 14th 2020 as the number of infected people have not reduced following the announcement made on 25th of March 2020, at 1pm. 

We, students who will be sitting for the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) examinations in July 2020 are affected by the Order financially, geographically, and mentally.

We urge the Legal Professional Qualifying Board to hear our concerns as follows:

1) Examinations to be Postponed

Lessons have been suspended from 18th March until, tentatively, 14th April, with a possibility in further extensions of the MCO. In effect, CLP candidates are prevented from receiving guidance from our choice of education institution for at least one (1) month. We understand that candidates are expected to study on our own through online lesson plans depending on which institution we go to, but that is insufficient for us to prepare for the exams in July coupled with the anxiety of uncertainty we are all facing in this dire times. 

A suggestion was posited that we are to sit our exams from home, using an online invigilating system. We, do not believe it is suitable as CLP exams are intensely long, with a lot to write, in which requires our utmost focus. Not all of us have the privilege to have a suitable workspace, WiFi, and environment to sit for the exam given we live in families with small children, or small houses, with many occupants and shared living spaces, along with our responsibilities of taking care of our family during this time.

Furthermore, we have issues with borders, as some students are back in their hometown to take care of their parents, they are not allowed to come back to KL/Selangor. 

We have family members and friends in the frontline of this pandemic, doctors, nurses, police officers, whom we worry for everyday. This affects us on a mental level we hope you can comprehend.

Even though the exam is set for July, given the curve, and WHO's COVID-19 data, we are anticipating a surge of 6000 infected patients in April. It is not for us to be pessimistic, but the pandemic is not something that has a cut-off point. 

July may seem like a distant time, but we are living day-to-day, awaiting different announcements every few days.

2) Examination fees to be reduced for those affected financially

The fees are RM 5800 for the exams. Due to the MCO, some CLP students who have been working part-time to fund their studies, can no longer work. Some students require financial support from loans, and parents to pay for the fees are also affected.

Students who are not from KL/Selangor have difficulties with making ends meet as they have rental issues to take care of and some even have to stay over at their friends' or relatives' place during this time as they can no longer afford rent. 

We hope the LPQB can see to this matter and assist those who really need financial help to pay the fees. 

2) Solution(s):

We want the exam to commence only when the situation has been diffused as best as can be. Possibly, we would like a physical exam (perhaps in October) to be set in place like the many years CLP has been conducted, and not an online CLP exam. With that, we ask for a postponement of CLP 2020 to a later date.

We would also like to ask if there would be extra charges for deferring the exams etc to July 2021 for certain candidates who might not be able to sit for the exams this year. 

Please consider our concerns. From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you very much. 

Yours sincerely, 

CLP Students 2020