I do not agree with the NIO Stormont House proposals in their current format.

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Ken Funston
Ken Funston signed this petition

The NIO Legacy proposals (derived from The Stormont House Agreement) in their current format do not meet the needs of innocent victims and survivors of terrorism. They are clearly developed to investigate the role of the UK State during 'The Troubles,' whilst ignoring the role of the Republic of Ireland State and the fact that terrorist organisations are responsible for over 90% of 'Troubles' related deaths, some 3,000 plus, and all of which were murder.

The Provisional Movement's revisionist agenda will be assisted by the proposed legislation, and if allowed to proceed without change, our history will look somewhat different.

We the undersigned oppose the proposals as they currently stand, fundamental change is needed. We demand a suite of proposals which are balanced, proportionate, transparent, fair and equitable.