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Support Continued Maintenance for All Backyards

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There is currently a proposal before the Legacy Park Homeowner's board to end all maintenance of fenced backyards.  This is being proposed as a cost-saving measure under the rationale that fenced backyards are difficult for mowers to enter.  However, the fencing constructed for our yards was specifically designed to be lawnmower friendly.  Our current HOA contract assures lawn maintenance for accessible rear lots, which includes fenced lots most of which have gates designed to be accessible to lawn maintenance equipment.  Although we understand the board's need to manage the HOA's finances, we believe that this proposal is harmful to our community for a number of reasons:

1) Many homeowners moved into this neighborhood under the promise of full lawn maintenance for front and back.  This change, thus, amounts to a "bait and switch" in the contract between the HOA and many homeowners. 

2) The change will require many individual homeowners to contract additional landscaping services to maintain rear lots, despite no reduction in their HOA fees.

3) The proposal differentially affects some homeowners but not others, despite HOA fees not being adjusted accordingly.  This is likely to foster resentment within the community, damaging the close social bonds we currently enjoy.

4) This will result in poor maintenance of many back lots.  Homes that are unoccupied, foreclosed, for sale, or with owners who are simply unable or disinclined to maintain or pay for lawn maintenance will no longer receive proper maintenance in the rear lots.  This will potentially reduce the home values for all homes in the neighborhood.

Due to these concerns we, the undersigned, urge our HOA board to reject the proposal to discontinue lawn maintenance in rear lots.  

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