Get LegaciesOfficial to finish the beast titan before we all form a suicide-pact

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

The Beast Titan isn't done. We want to have a permanent-death event that will roll out the best of lore, in order to keep the breath of the community alive and fresh.

We aren't asking for anything more but the beast titan to be finished. If possible, spend funds on other programmers to get the project finished.

Permanent Death events for our little piece of as a community are important to us. As an alternate timeline that we love to experience and enjoy with each other, we actively seek to leave our footprints and name somewhere along the line of the history of the community. Four years and counting in the works; from notable events like the Battle of Trost to the first expeditions outside of Wall Rose, the next to come is evidently the Beast Titan Arc.