A Change in Dress Codes

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The school’s 2019 dress code.. has included the ban on leggings. Not only that, but put an emphasis on what the female student body should not wear. [Listed above]. 

The whole student body finds this rather atrocious, due to the nature that we are only 11-14 year old students, who are being sexualized for what we wear. This is unacceptable, and therefore should be changed. We don’t agree with this policy.

We already are pulled out for wearing “Short-shorts” and “revealing clothes”. In reality, these clothes just show an expression. That being in our comfort of our clothing. 

Its basically saying that girls our age should be pulled out of our education, due to our clothing. It’s saying that the boys should be able to freely wear whatever they want. 

Leggings are not Not to be sexualized. It’s for the comfort, not for females to be viewed as objects. 

I personally wear leggings, due to the fact that they are comfortable. Jeans, and sweatpants get sweaty..Making it uncomfortable for the wearer. Leggings however are made of a certain fabric to prevent this, especially since we live in Florida. One of the hottest states of the U.S. Ladies my age also enjoy leggings, because it’s easier to change during PE. This is due to the fact that we have to wait for the stalls, and we want to get the change into different clothes done faster. Jeans and sweatpants already make this harder. 


To conclude, I want to change the dress code policy. The male student body aren’t subjected to this, due to the society we live in. Biased. Misogynistic. Agonizing. Repulsive. 


Women should not not be punished for a coward’s action.