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Riverina Hoon Behaviour to Controlled Safe Environments and Safer Streets

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As people have recently seen/ heard about within our local area, there is a rise within the younger age groups of unlawful street driving. This is including "Burnouts, loss of intentional traction, street racing and risk to lives within uncontrolled areas." 

 Much attention has been brought to the towns attention as naming the minors "hoons". 

Yes this is a very big problem. It is just not safe for the streets and for people that live in our community.


If you could take 10 minutes of your time out of the day to go for a drive area Leeton/Narrandera areas, try find a street where you will not find a line on the road from Intentional loss of traction.


In the Riverina we have such a large community from ages young to mature which the car scene is a respected interested if presented in a safe manner. Such as the "Narrandera Rod Run", "Show and Shines" or even "Griffiths Biggest Lap.

They are controlled venues and events where minors and mature car enthusiasts can enjoy showing off their pride and joys. But there's one problem why do we not have anything that could support off street controlled street racing or even somewhere that could get the "hoons" off the street? Yes I support the local police 100% with their involvement within taking down people making the wrong choice and causing trouble to the communities safety, but why are we just labelling it stupidity and making it front news headlines when no one is happy to actually try create something to stop this behaviour? 

How can we fix this?

 I want some help to take this back to council to have the airport at Narrandera as a start reopened for our Riverina local controlled off street racing or hoon venue where it gets the "idiots" off the streets and onto a controlled environment with certain conditions to their driving on the airport strip.  This I feel would make a safer area for us in the Riverina and take less attention for the police to be working overtime having to worry about the possibility of someone being seriously hurt or injured in the community because of a stupid decision on our safe streets.

Please have a hard think about trying to cause controversy over this plan as I feel it is actually a great idea to get this crap off the streets. 

Hopefully I get some support so I can take this further with council and fundraiser some cash to make it possible.


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