Full Time Accountability for Law Enforcement

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City of Leesville Council members voted to abolish the position of full time Police Chief and remove the position from Civil Service Protection. What does this mean?

City Council believes that accountability for Law Enforcement can be part time and the responsibility for Law Enforcement can be supervised with a part time Chief whose duties are controlled by one single person. This historically has led to increased crime and less Police Patrol Officers. It is the belief and conviction of this page that full time accountability is required for Law Enforcement to remain accountable for their actions in the community. 

The fact is that the public safety city tax that you're paying was "supposed" to be an improvement tax to supplement the current police department's budget. Instead, the city is subtracting their contribution and only budgeting for the taxes you contribute. The result? Less police officers on the road, a part time chief, and no tax break for you. Congratulations.

Now that you know the truth that they've been hiding, hold them accountable for how they spend YOUR money. Sign this petition to demand a full time police chief for the safety of our families.