No to 'Wholly-Owned Subsidiary' at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust are planning on setting up a 'Wholly-owned subsidiary' or private company owned by the Trust which they plan on transferring hard working staff into and out of the NHS. Defended by the Trust as 'an alternative model of outsourcing' this is in reality privatisation by the back door.

Whilst the Trust has put forward some guarantees for existing staff, around 2,000 of which are set to be transferred (and will still lose NHS employee status on transfer), new starters are likely to be on worse terms and conditions as has been the case at all bar one similar private company established by a health trust.

The new company is set to seek commercial contracts to generate new income streams for the trust - but as these are likely to have contractual enforcable deadlines this could result in resources being diverted from NHS work.

We call for:

  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to reject the proposals to set up a ‘Wholly-owned Company’ to cover estates and support staff.
  • Oppose the creation of a two-tier workforce through new starters being employed on worse pay, terms or conditions, or attacks on those of existing staff.
  • Oppose resources being diverted from NHS work to meet the needs of commercial contracts that such a company may engage in.
  • Leeds councillors should utilise their health scrutiny powers to challenge these proposals