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We the undersigned believe that the East of Otley development (as set out in planning application 21/01671/OT) will have a seriously negative effect on Otley residents and on their wellbeing, because of:

a) GREENSPACE AND WILDLIFE LOSS - large numbers of existing hedges and trees will be removed, depriving our wild animals and birds of homes and food. Any replacements will take at least 20 years, even a generation to grow and replace the valuable habitat we have lost. Green, open spaces enjoyed by thousands of residents will be built over.

b) PRESSURE ON ROADS AND LOCAL AMENITIES – 700 new households could increase Otley’s population by an estimated 2000 people, with no increase in high school places or in medical or dental practices. The development could arguably also add an estimated 1000 privately-owned cars (as well as works vehicles and HGVs) to our already congested roads.

c) NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY COMMITMENTS – the new houses will not be built to high environmental standards. Even just the first 140 houses will add to the climate crisis by releasing around 1 tonne of carbon, EACH, every year, in heating alone.

d) NO PROMISE OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING – there are no commitments in the plan to provide 35% affordable houses across the development, which instead includes many large detached houses.

For these reasons we ask that the Chief Planning Office of Leeds City Council refuse this application (which deals with an area of greenspace comparable to Otley town centre) because it is unsuitable, unsustainable and will not benefit the people of Otley.