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Approve more rights for residential homeowners, keep businesses out of our developments.

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Residential housing is a business, buying homes in neighborhoods and housing numerous adults who receive social services and disability from the state. The individuals entitled to support from the state are people with complex behavioral problems, (MICA)mentally ill/chemical abuse patients, homeless, among other differently abled adults. The homes are placed in single family zoned residential areas where the homeowners must abide by strict zoning laws, but the business is exempt under the Fair Housing Act. This act allows businesses that house disabled individuals, such as recovering addicts, psychologically and behaviorally challenged as well as homeless individuals to live as a large transient group in our developments. Homeowners continue to pay exuberantly high taxes, put their hard earned money into maintaining and beautifying their homes(largest investment they have) and are stripped of their rights. Companies are abusing a law established to protect disabled individuals from receiving fair housing and manipulating it in order to purchase homes under market value in affluent areas, while being exempt from taxes. Essentially the state is paying for these homes since the individuals they house are receiving funds from the state and in turn use those funds to pay for the residential housing and care. As tax payers we ultimately are footing the bill for the businesses that we do not want on our quiet streets. A business brings with it, traffic which in turn depletes the overall value of our homes, our largest investment.

We chose our home in the neighborhood based on the fact that it was quiet, low traffic, in a desirable development, which helps to justify paying the extremely high taxes in order to own a home in our neighborhood. It is an absolute injustice that we should be expected to continue to pay these astronomical taxes which in and of itself make it difficult to sell while a business that manipulates the zoning laws gets a tax break and adds to the strain of selling and retaining the value of our neighborhood.

Please help us to retain some rights for the average homeowner, let our politicians know we want our concerns to be acknowledged as well as addressed.

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