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Debra Scoular
Council Bluffs, IA

Jan 16, 2014 — M Jones SOME COOL CITY!, AP 6 days ago Liked 1
Dear Sweetheart, I pray your family and friends are holding your body, mind, spirit and soul up as you recovery from a great loss, and the abusive actions of our government letting us down GRAVELY in their response to your car ACCIDENT. Accidents do NOT make you BAD. Driving is a risk, and especially when a state put saving a few bucks above your right to cross 4 lanes of traffic and two turning lanes safely with a LIGHT. I want you to know we sent over 20 cars to travel your path, and over 65% of us had to play dodge ball with near misses. We PRAY your body,mind, spirit, and soul are recovering, and we are united in your healing. Don't EVER let adults acting highly irresponsibly and insensitively define YOU. It defines them. We will be leaving many dozens of yellow roses at the sight as a sign of solidarity and friendship. Nate will always beside you as you live on STRONG for him as you let him go a little bit everyday.


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