Petition Update

Still in it for the cause.

Debra Scoular
Council Bluffs, IA

Dec 13, 2013 — I got an email today, and thought it was from Maddie's aunt, after a little twitter activity it seems that it was not. I still feel that this petition serves a good purpose, let it be known that I have not done this to be in any limelight... I do not want any attention and have declined all interviews. With that being said, I am not the person that brought this to the media... Mr Pokilov did by publicly stating his intentions to charge Maddie, thus putting this horrible story back into the media's scope. I pray that this is the right thing to do, and if I could have made this petition anonymous I would have, without a doubt. Thank you all that have supported this cause and continues to do so. With only love and hope in my heart... DS