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Lee Polikov: Drop unnecessary charges against Maddie Shely

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This girl is a decent kid, good grades, popular student, involved in her school.  She is a good daughter, friend and member of her church.  She made a mistake at an intersection that is very dangerous and should have had a stop light a long time ago.  As the result of her mistake, a boy lost his life (her best friend), and another best friend was critically injured.  She was also injured.  The county attorney wants to charge her with manslaughter.  Hasn't Maddie suffered enough?  Here is a statement released by Nate's mom in regards to the charges.  

In regards to Mr. Polikov filing charges related to the accident that caused the death of my son Nate LaFave: I do understand the law as it is on the books in Nebraska. What I don’t understand is his need to plan a press conference more than a week in advance, and very publicly, continue to drag out our worst nightmare.

We are trying to get our family through the first birthday and the first holidays without Nate, and smack dab in the middle of it all, Mr. Polikov feels the need to garner the spot light. 

There is no law that says he needs to make such a public spectacle of pressing these charges; thus, leaving us to conclude that he is only doing this in the public eye in order to gain attention for himself, especially since he has not held press conferences for all the other charges he has filed this week. 

His public actions are nothing short of cruel and are ripping open fresh wounds that are still struggling to heal. His public actions will do nothing to prevent another accident, they will not bring our son back and they will not make our lives (us, the family of the Nate) better. His need for grandstanding and lack of compassion for our family is abhorrent and should not be permitted by a public official.

Beth LaFave


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