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Stop incentives!

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Lee county schools provide each school with incentive money every year. Each grade level decides how to use that money. This year the 3rd grade teachers at Greenwood Elementary use the money to take only 30 students on a bowling trip. The students were entered into a drawing which only 30 names were chosen. Instead of just letting those kids know about it, they had the whole 3rd grade watched as those kids were told they won. This crushed those who worked hard all year and passed the EOGs.
The assistant principal stated the incentives were for those who need that extra push at the end of the year. My question would be, what about those students who worked hard all year long? The assistant principal also said that giving awards to those who passed is against the rules, but is not an “incentive” just another word for an award?? To a 3rd grader they both are the same thing.
Lee county started a new program just last year, The Head of Class Project, it awards $50,000 annually to the faculty and staff of the best performing elementary school in Lee County beginning with the start of the 2011-2012 school year. That sounds like a great award, opps I mean incentive to the staff. What school wouldn’t try to get their students that need that extra push a reason to try hard on their EOGs? But what example does that portray to the students that worked hard every day?
I believe the school systems have lost track of what the real "incentive" is, the children passed! What greater feeling is there than passing the 3rd grade or any grade? I don't think schools should have to reward children for something they should do.But if the school is going to offer incentives then, I believe each and every student should be given an incentive for being there and trying their very best on their EOGs. This is their first year having to take this type of test and many students were very stressed about taking the test. It would be fair to offer the students an incentive for being on time and trying their hardest, not just receive a ticket and maybe they will get a chance at an “incentive”.
Seems to me the school is more worried about their overall test scores and with $50,000 on the line, I don’t think they care much about the students feelings that involved. Seems that schools have forgotten the real reason for students to do well on testing.
I believe this type of incentive is very discouraging to a 3rd grader and should be stopped!

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