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Save Mr. Dulin and Mrs. Snyder's Job

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Unforeseen budget cuts have been occurring at multiple schools throughout the district of Lee County, and Cape Coral High School has been one of the schools that has suffered from these cuts. Due to a shortfall of almost $200,000 our principal Dr. Spiro has been forced to make the difficult decision of where to cut teachers. Two of the teachers whose jobs are in jeopardy are Mr. Dulin (the TV Production teacher) and Mrs. Snyder (the IB Secretary). These programs have been cut due to the fact that the administration feels that the loss of them will have the least effect upon students. While we, the students of Cape Coral High School, understand that money must be cut from somewhere we implore the administration and school district to find another place to cut it from. Both these teachers are deeply intertwined in the Seahawk family and many students depend on them and look to them for guidance. The level of dependence of the student body on these two is so extreme that several students were in tears when news of the cuts reached us. Mr. Dulin and Mrs. Snyder have gone above and beyond their job descriptions and we do not believe they deserve to be let go. Both these teachers excel in their professions and give up countless hours outside of the school day to continue enriching the student life. They are involved in extra curricular programs and go out of their way to help students find internships, scholarships, and contests to enter. These programs and teachers are extremely important to our school and the loss of them will negatively affect us. For these reasons we are petitioning the School Board of Lee County and Cape Coral High School to reconsider their decision to cut Mr. Dulin and Mrs. Snyder.

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