Keep block scheduling for high schools in Lee County

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Starting next year the school district of Lee County wants to add thirty minutes to the school year and change it from block scheduling to removing one period and having all 7 periods a day.A lot of highschool kids have after school jobs because of their home situations, or simply to have extra money for themselves, and while adding 30 minutes to school might not jeopardize that too much, having all your classes in one day will. Having all 7 classes per day means completing all your homework in one day, it means one less elective, it means one more pile of stress dumped on to students. As an IB student at Cape High this is especially true considering we only have two electives to begin with, and one of them is an IB elective such as business or psych, which for the most part is just as stressful as a core class. We would get absolutely no break, and having to start school at 7:05 am, we'd get nearly no sleep either. Our grades would slip and many would drop out of IB not being able to handle such massive workload with so little time. Not to mention, many elective teachers would lose their jobs -which might be the point, after all less salaries to pay- Or at least be forced to drop teaching the elective and take on a core class. This being especially true in my school considering a significant chunk of the student body would no longer be able to participate in any non-ib electives. We already have tattered textbooks, glitchy computers,enough stress to last a lifetime, and a very limited variety of electives, and on top of that you're going to take away one portion of our days in which we can relax and paint, write, sing, act, design, and simply just not worry about whether or not this grade is the one that's going to dictate whether we're a doctor or a cashier? And even for the normal non-ib student, this is also stressful considering a lot of them use their electives for something challenging like AP classes and leave one of them for "fun" but now since college and success is weighing a lot of teen's minds, they'll also have to sacrifice their one point of relaxation in the school day. After school activities for every student would be jeopardized when students are force to choose between homework, clubs, sports, and sleep. I implore you to please help me keep our block scheduling, and our last moments of childhood carelessness along with it, intact. 

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