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Make Lee County dog friendly

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It's finally the weekend. You've spent all week at work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you want to go to the park. However, Fido can't come. Why? It's against the rules. So you are forced to choose between the park that your taxes pay for, or keeping your poor pup at home even though you've left them there all week! The solution is simple: implement more dog friendly parks. We pay taxes for these parks. Can't we be trusted to keep our furry friends on leashes and clean up after them?

YES WE CAN! Let's fight side by side for a dog friendly Lee county!

Lee county needs to implement dog friendly places, both in parks, and in urban areas. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant or crazy. It could simply be creating a fenced-in area for dogs to run around and play in. Many parks have plenty of space for a small enclosure. It's about time that we start doing something positive for dog owners.

At the very least, with dog friendly areas, dogs would have a place to run around, play, and use the bathroom. Without these dog friendly areas, dog owners are forced to make a decision whether they want to break the rules, or go to the park without their beloved pet. Most of the time, they will choose the former, bringing their dog with them regardless of the rules. This wouldn't be an issue if they simply had a dog friendly areas at local parks. Not everyone has the time to travel 30+ minutes just to find a park. In some places, citizens must drive an hour or more just to find a dog friendly park. Outrageous! 

Then there is the issue of the most basic necessity for dogs: water. Naples has plenty of areas downtown and at parks where dogs can get a simple drink of water. Doggy water fountains are all over. In Lee County? You'll be hard pressed to find one anywhere. Dog owners frequent Downtown Fort Myers (the River District), but there are no dog water fountains anywhere! Dog owners search up and down just to find a place for their beloved animal to get a drink of water, and they don't exist. Dog owners even resort to lifting the dog so it can get a drink out of human water fountains, or slurping out of a puddle. The same is true in Downtown Cape Coral. Dog owners are turned away from businesses when they ask if they can have a simple cup or bowl for their dog to drink water from. No area in Lee County is recognized in any aspect as being remotely dog friendly, while Collier County is a dog heaven. 

In conclusion, we are advocating for the following: 

  1. More dog friendly parks. At the bare minimum, more leash friendly parks. 
  2. Places for dogs to get a simple drink of water in urban areas. 
  3. Plans for additional off-leash dog enclosures to be added to at least a few parks in Lee County that have the additional space


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