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Help for Lee County Residents with damaged seawalls

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We, the citizens of Lee County, petition Lee County, the state of Florida as well as FEMA to help assist us with our sea walls. 

●     Two part objective:

*Obtain funding to fix and repair the sea walls to current regulations and codes as of 2017

*Make a plan of action moving forward for others who have seawall failure in the future.

●     The seawalls Impacted by hurricane Irma places major financial burden on many of the citizens.  Many estimates are up to the 100,000 dollar range per house hold.  No home owners insurance or flood insurance will help.  Foundations are at risk due to the soil erosion caused from rain after the seawalls failed.  Many Citizens of Lee county are older and on fixed incomes.  

●     Please give financial assistance to those who currently have damage to their seawalls due to Irma.  We also ask if certain permit fees can be waived or reduced due to the high volume.  Going forward we ask that there is a plan of action like other areas of Florida have in place in times like this.  We also ask that there becomes away that we can register our seawall so that the county can have a way of keeping track of the number of seawalls affected.  

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