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Stop the Land Use Change Initiative for Daniels Parkway Corridor

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Time for action as Lee County Staff pushes Land Use Change initiative forward.

If you care about personal safety, quality of life and property values in the Daniels Parkway Community the time has come to do something about it.

Bottom-line upfront:

Posted below is a new electronic petition to oppose this action (at the bottom of the page you will see red letters stating "Read the Letter" that when clicked on will display the petition letter that will be sent on your behalf.) On the right side of this web-page is a red box labeled: “Sign the petition.” Click that link, and it will take you step by step through a short process to have your message sent to all five county commissioners and the county manager. The petition is new, so if signed the old petition in March, you should sign this new petition. More importantly, PLAN TO ATTEND THE PUBLIC HEARING ON JUNE 21 TO VOICE YOUR OPPOSITION.


Last week the Lee County Planning Staff, going against the recommendation of the Local Planning Agency (LPA) and overwhelming opposition from residents, forwarded a Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) request to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) recommending transmission of the request to the state for approval. The CPA would change the land use designation of 59+ acres of property located on the north side of Daniels Parkway on both sides of Palomino Lane and extending to Appaloosa Lane. If approved, the change would permit a broad range of land uses that include light industrial, commercial, and multi-family dwelling units with density up to 22 units per acre allowing potentially 1,298 units (versus the 700 units the county staff understates in their report) to be built on the 59+/- acres. The result will be a greater demand on the already over-stressed infrastructure and roadways.

This CPA submitted by the county staff is not a “new” effort to change the land-use designation of this area but the next step in a process that started in 2015. In simplified review, the process began with a county government initiated request for a change of land use for the acreage under discussion. This is not a rezoning but a redesignation of how the land can be used... think urban high-density development versus rural low-density development. The county staff performed an initial analysis and recommended "disapproval" only to be told by the BOCC to "rewrite" the report. In March of this year, that "new" staff report with their "approve" recommendation was sent to the Local Planning Agency, a group of informed citizens appointed by the BOCC to review and make their recommendation on the request. The LPA recommended "disapproval" after their public hearing. It is important to note THE LPA RECOMMENDATION IS NOT BINDING ON THE BOCC.

The case can be made that this "land use change" will allow more uses for the land such as assisted living facilities or small multi-family developments not currently authorized... perhaps desired improvements.  BUT CONSIDER THIS... with a change in land use designation, a developer could buy all the land, combine all the individual parcels and then build a high-density housing project adding unmanageable congestion to the area. The obvious question is, why enable that possibility? If there is a desire to add value to the Daniels Corridor Community through development, the safest way to manage that is through the current zoning process as envisioned and enacted.

The Board of County Commissioners will hold a public hearing to consider the proposed amendment as the next step in the process. The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21, 2017. The hearing will commence at 9:30 a.m. in the Board Chambers at 2120 Main Street, Fort Myers. Public comment will be allowed at the hearing.

What you can do:

Your last chance to influence the BOCC is between now and the hearing on June 21. Call, write or send an e-mail to ALL FIVE county commissioners and let them know your opposition to this request. While the land in question is in County Commissioner Pendergrass’ District 2, HE IS ONLY ONE OF FIVE COMMISSIONERS THAT VOTE ON THE ISSUE. Make it clear to the County Commissioners they can listen to your opinion now, or they can listen to your opinion at the polls next year during elections.

 District 1: John Manning            239-533-2224  

 District 2: Cecil Pendergrass     239-533-2227   

 District 3: Larry Kiker                 239-533-2223   

 District 4: Brian Hamman          239-533-2226   

 District 5: Frank Mann               239-533-2225   

 County Mgr: Roger Desjarlais   239-533-2221   

There were over 2000+ residents and taxpayers that signed petitions in March voicing their opposition to this initiative. A new electronic petition is posted below. Sign it electronically. PLAN TO ATTEND THE PUBLIC HEARING ON JUNE 21 TO VOICE YOUR OPPOSITION.

It will do no good to sit around and complain. You must take action and let your opinion be known. Failure to act will get you more congestion on the roads, decreased public safety, decreased quality of life and more than likely lower property values as people see the impact of unmanageable congestion in the Daniels Parkway corridor. 

For a complete review of the latest amended CPA request posted by the county click on the link below or copy and paste this link into your web browser:

Board of County Commissioner Hearing Documents

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