Impeach Judge Rachel Rancilio from 16th Circuit Court, Macomb County, MI, dismiss charges

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This petition is in reference to Judge Rachel Rancilio's censorship, abuse of power and violation of a constituent's right to free speech.

Following the death of Mr. Jonathan Vanderhagen's son, Killian Vanderhagen (2 Years Old), Mr. Vanderhagen began to criticize the court which issued the ruling refusing to grant him physical custody of his son. Mr. Vanderhagen believes the court responsible, at least in part, for his son's death. Whether Mr. Vanderhagen is correct in his assertion or not, it is despicable his being jailed over his criticisms of the 16th Circuit and, more narrowly, Judge Rachel Rancilio. The details as reported are as follows;

"Following the death of Killian Vanderhagen, his father, Jonathan Vanderhagen, was incensed that the child was placed in the custody of his ex-wife, who he felt was unfit, and when his child died, he began posting his criticisms of the system, and Judge Rancilo, who he felt was responsible for his child’s death, and promising, “I’m gonna dig up all the skeletons in this court’s closet.”  (An investigation did not indicate that the mother caused the death)

The judge claimed to feel threatened, and referred the matter to police, who found no threat, but for "some reason" he was charged with “malicious use of telecommunications services,” and released on $2000 bond.

When he continued his criticisms, his bond was revoked, and now he is sitting in jail on $500,000 bond."

Below is a link to the Michigan code covering the alleged crime that Mr. Vanderhagen has been imprisoned for:

A $500,000 bond for a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $1000 points to judicial impropriety, and retaliation- not justice. This bond was set by Judge Sebastian Lucido- another elected Judge. We assert that this too is a violation of Mr. Vanderhagen's constitutional rights. The U.S. Supreme court's opinion in Weems V. United States (1910) dissented from the lower court based on the principle of proportionality in defense of the 8th Ammendment. While Judge Lucido contended in court that Mr. Vanderhagen violated the terms of his bond, his initial arrest had no merit in the first place and his confinement was, in essence, an authoritarian attempt by local officials to suppress Mr. Vanderhagen's freedom of expression. This stands in violation of the first amendment of the constitution of the United States, which calls into question the legality of the terms of the bond he allegedly violated. 

Finally, if it is Judge Rancilio's opinion that her interpretation of the law being used to jail Mr. Vanderhagen as well as the way that she is using her power to influence its enforcement is true and just, she lacks the common sense and decency to sit the bench.

We call on the Michigan State House of Representatives led by Mr. Lee Robertson Chatfield, The State Senate led by Senator Mike Shirkey and Senator Jim Ananich, as well as Governor Gretchen Whitmer to begin an impeachment investigation into what actions Judge Rancilio took and to what extent she may or may not have used her position vindictively as an act of censorship and retaliation against Mr. Vanderhagen.

Please join us in preserving the supposed high ethical standards of Michigan's Judicial and Legislative Branches by taking immediate action and signing this petition.