Lee Anderson to Continue Boycotting the England Team

Lee Anderson to Continue Boycotting the England Team

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Anthony Pounder started this petition to lee.anderson.mp@parliament.uk

England football supporters rejoiced when England won the World Cup in 1966.

Since then there hasn’t been a lot to celebrate - knocked out in the semi finals of the World Cup in 1990, Euro 90, besting Germany 5-1 in Germany?

Strange huh? But what if I said my MP, Lee “Patriot” Anderson MP was born in 1967 - a coincidence? Read on….

Lee “Patriot” Anderson MP says that the #England team is his “beloved” England so you would imagine he’s been watching them since sometime after 1967 - from 1967 to the start of #Euro2020 it could be argued that England haven’t really done very well at these major tournaments.

Others of Lee “Patriot” Anderson’s ilk, such as our Prime Minster (pictured for effect and because I didnt think anyone outside of Lee “Patriot” Andersons estate would know who he is) are saying the same thing, “we really love our country, we really hate cancel culture”  but here we are where these plastic patriots are booing their country’s football team and looking to cancel the team from carrying out an act which they believe in �

Since Lee “Patriot” Anderson MP declared he would t be watching them in #Euro2020 because they are “taking the knee”, an act which the FA, Gareth Southgate and the team have said is “to show solidarity with the fight to achieve racial equality and IS NOT related to any singular political school of thought”. I wonder why Lee “Patriot” Anderson objects to them doing something of their own free will? �

My MP Lee “Patriot” Anderson MP has been triggered by this act of the #England team and he has acted like a ❄️ The very thing that he accuses people of being when he disagrees with.

Anyway, it seems to me that Lee “Patriot” Anderson MP is a reverse good luck mascot - when he doesn’t watch the #England match then team does really well.

Its that good luck spirit I’d like to keep hold of for at least the end of the tournament and ideally beyond - wouldn’t it be great if they never watched again and just kept on winning?

It’s because of this I’d like to gain signatures from England supporters to ask Lee “Patriot” MP and the others to continue to not watch #England - it’s for the good of the county’s team, patriots, please lend your support by not support them - you know it makes sense.

Please add your signature and share this with anyone who wants to see #England continue to win. If it helps, picture Lee “Patriot” Anderson watching the final in his front room, with the curtains drawn and booing his “beloved” #England team as they compete in the #Euros2020 final �. Imagine if they win, Lee “Patriot” Anderson will be like � before he dons his England kit and performs a lap of honour round his estate (in a Boris Johnson//Priti Patel/John Terry style).

Thanks for reading - please sign and spread the word.





0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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