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Led Lights 4 Less in the Mini for adventurers

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For those who are seeking adventurers. This Countryman model of Mini Cooper will become the best partner of yours in your Mini adventures. If you’ve got him with its AWD and very acceptable clearance of 6.5 inches, you may travel everywhere. In addition to these attractive features, two more could be mentioned, such as LED lights 4 less and a new tent on the roof top.

A tent

The top of the roof is firmly attached to special crossbars of a roof rail carrier. But having this option is going to cost you about $270. Two colors of fiberglass are available – black and white. It is easy to open: after you release three safety clasps, all the rest work will be done by springs, which under gas-pressure do the rest of work.

After it is put up and erected, the tent is a bit taller than 2 feet, the length is almost 7 feet and width is 4.3 feet. So, as you see, it is completely comfortable for two people sitting or lying. Mini advertises additional niceties, like lots of nets and pockets, LED light in the interior, doors and windows that are zipper-opened and some windows on the sides of the tent. For easier entrance, a special ladder made of aluminum is provided.

A representative of Mini informed us that there won’t be any possibility to buy tent in US brand accessory shop. But there are still grounds for hope: the spokesperson assured that there are some very similar variants to buy. The price policy is from $2900 up to $3200.


LED lights4less of Sylvania for Mini Cooper are characterized with high performance and value. These lighting 4 less are long-lasting in work and bright in lighting. Thanks to their cost effectiveness and simplicity in use, they are very popular. On top of that, they present your vehicle with a modern and one-of-a-kind look.

The characteristics of the LED lights 4 less are as follows:

·         They are hit and vibration resistant

·         Their life and work are extended thanks to appropriate thermal management

·         Immediate full power

·         It is fitted and installed just like your old bulb

·         If you take an amber LED light, it will be ideal for turning lights and parking.

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