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LeBron James: Please drop your endorsements with Coca-Cola and McDonald's!

Even as LeBron James, NBA champion and Olympic gold medalist represents the pinnacle of athletic achievement, the products he endorses represent something quite the opposite: childhood obesity. By endorsing the products of companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald's, LeBron is contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic in our country every day.

We know LeBron can be a leader. We've seen him do it on the court for both the Miami Heat and the USA Men's Basketball team. We hope he can do it here, too--where it counts.

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LeBron James
We know you know how to step up and lead: We watched you do it in the finals against OKC, and we watched you do it again this summer in London.

This is your opportunity to step it up in a bigger way.

Be the leader we know you can be, and take a stand against endorsements for companies that are making our kids obese.

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