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Decriminalize homosexuality in Lebanon.

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It's 2017 and homosexuality is still a crime in Lebanon! 

Some people still consider homosexuality a crime because it contradicts their religious beliefs. However, Lebanon is known for its freedom of religion, and for respecting freedoms...Religion in Lebanon is only responsible of "personal status" matters, so why should we link homosexuality with religious beliefs? Why can't we just accept and respect people for what and who they are and learn to be more tolerant? A more liberated and accepting society never hurt anyone, yet a strict, conservative society that punishes people for being different did hurt thousands of people worldwide! This is the right time to stand against the "Article 534" of the Lebanese Penal Code that criminalizes homosexuals. 

Adding to that, we currently have a huge number of young adults demanding a change in "Personal Status" laws, for being controlled by religious figures and causing women to face a lot of discrimination and inequality. 

-Article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code prohibits having sexual relations that are "contradicting the laws of nature", which is punishable by up to a year in prison. 

If you agree that the above mentioned article should be repealed, and believe that homosexuality shouldn't be a crime, please sign this!

Georges Azzi, executive director of the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality, told the Washington Blade in 2017: "Homosexuality is technically illegal in Lebanon, however the new generation of judges are less likely to apply the law and the police forces will not reinforce it".

In January 2017, a Lebanese judge challenged the legal basis of the arrest of men for same-sex conduct. In his ruling, Judge Maalouf referred to a penal code provision protecting freedom of expression, Article 183, which states that, "An act undertaken in exercise of a right without abuse shall not be regarded as an offense." If no harm is done, there is no crime.

On 11 July 2013, the Lebanese Psychiatric Society (LPS) released a statement saying that homosexuality is not a mental disorder and does not need to be treated, they said: "Homosexuality in itself does not cause any defect in judgment, stability, reliability or social and professional abilities", "The assumption that homosexuality is a result of disturbances in the family dynamic or unbalanced psychological development is based on wrong information". Also, the LPS stated that conversion therapy, seeking to "convert" gays and bisexuals into straights has no scientific background and asked health professionals to "rely only on science" when giving opinion and treatment in this matter. This made Lebanon the first Arab country to declassify homosexuality as a "disease".

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