YES for a healthier Lebanon, free from corruption & pollution. NO for Chaos & Instability

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Dear Lebanese Citizens,

We agree with the suffering of the brave people demonstrating in the streets, requesting their basic living rights.

- We acknowledge that the country has been suffering from corruption for the last past 30 years and we request accountability.

- We urge for a parliamentary session that would be LIVE on TV to vote the laws related to fighting corruption: lift Banking secrecy / Lift political immunity / Recover the stolen money; as Corruption can only be fought once the laws are voted.

- We ask for a smaller government chosen among professionals in their respective sectors and Ministries, who would commit to ameliorate drastically the economy and living conditions of the Lebanese people, and fight corruption & pollution.

- We strongly demand to reinforce the independance justicial institutions.

- We don't believe in early parliamentary elections as they took place only 18 months ago according to the best representative election law Lebanon ever had, therefore the current parliament is legitimate, and we have to respect people's votes.

- We believe that our President is the gardian of the Constitution and legitimitaly elected for 6 years, till 2022.

- We do not support the fact of forcing the protests on all Lebanese people, closing roads and paralysing the country for weeks. This way of protesting is affecting very badly the average and below average income people who might not survive the crisis, and the whole economy.

- We believe that the security of our nation and redynamisation of our economy can only happen through the safe return of the refugees to their country.

It's time that Lebanon rises from its ashes and liberates itself from all external influences.

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