Lebanese Pediatrics Society: Stop illegal collaborations with formula companies

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Lebanese Pediatrics Society: Stop illegal collaborations with formula companies

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Dear Dr. Gerbaka,

Please stop the illegal collaboration of the paediatric society with formula companies.

Breastfeeding saves lives! More than 800,000 lives worldwide can be saved by breastfeeding alone. Yet mothers in Lebanon continue to struggle to successfully breastfeed.

Pediatricians have a crucial role in protecting the health of their patients by encouraging and supporting breastfeeding and by providing parents with accurate and unbiased information regarding feeding options for babies.

It is illegal, unethical, and simply wrong for the Lebanese Pediatrics Society (LPS) to be publically aligned with formula milk companies to promote formula milk among babies in Lebanon.

On 25/02/16, the LPS, in collaboration with St Georges Hospital (Beirut) and the Nestlé Nutrition Institute, organised a medical symposium during which promotional materials with Nestlé’s (formula milk producer) brand logo/trademark were distributed to the medical students and professionals that attended.

Such collaborations between the LPS and different formula companies have been documented and publicised on several other occasions in the past (the LPS website and their Annual Congress have ample presence of such company logos).

These practices are not only against Lebanese Law 47/2008, but also against the World Health Organisation’s International Code for Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes. These regulations have been put in place to protect breastfeeding from the major negative impact of the marketing of formula milk/infant food.

Furthermore, the tendency of Lebanese pediatricians to overprescribe formula without valid medical reasons is heavily reported by mothers through online breastfeeding support groups almost every day. Mothers are repeatedly given outdated and factually wrong information about breastfeeding by doctors that can undermine their breastfeeding experiences.

Therefore, LACTICA, as the sole Lebanese breastfeeding association, demands that the LPS:

1.      Prioritises babies' health over financial interests by putting an immediate stop to ALL illegal relationships with formula companies including (but not limited to):

a.     Removing logos and trademarks from online sites

b.    Rejecting promotional and/or medical materials from formula/baby food companies

c.     Rejecting funding for professional and educational workshops by baby food/infant formula and bottle manufacturers.

2.     Ensures all Lebanese pediatricians are provided with accurate, objective and up-to-date information and research about breastfeeding that they will transmit to the parents of their patients to guarantee that they are given ALL relevant information about feeding options (including risks of formula feeding, early introduction of bottles and pacifiers) so that they are able to make fully informed decisions about the best feeding options for their child and family.

LACTICA and its supporters stand ready to assist in any action needed to facilitate the execution of the above.


 LACTICA and supporters


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Cette pétition avait 925 signataires

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