Provide Lebanese Migrants with Aid During COVID-19 Global Crisis

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The Lebanese Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have done nothing as so far to provide Lebanese citizens residing outside of Lebanon with aid or support during the tough times the world is experiencing right now with the spread of COVID-19. 

The following petition is set to pressure the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants into releasing a response to the concerns of the Lebanese migrants abroad as well as setting up a strategy to resolve the issues raised by the diaspora globally. It does not in any way intend to suggest a strategy as the issues that have risen are unique to the circumstances of the country of residence of the migrants and vary from country to country. 

We are asking for a comprehensive response that takes into consideration the following:

- the financial setback student migrants amongst others have underwent due to the Lebanese Economic Crisis and the effects of the October Revolution on their ability to pay tuition fees, accommodation amongst other expenses

- the psychological and financial setbacks Lebanese migrants have been undergoing globally due to job losses, enforced quarantines and health concerns amid the spread of the COVID-19.  

The response is expected to include:

- an aid fund for basic necessities 

- logical and timely solutions for migrants who want or need to return to Lebanon

- a communication center to respond to concerns of migrants during this uncertain period 

- a health fund for migrants who cannot afford healthcare in their countries of residence 

- possible alternative solutions for the range of issues raised by migrants in accordance with their circumstances and current country of residence. This aims to demonstrate that the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is taking into consideration all the main concerns of the Lebanese abroad. 

- stimulus packages for those who have lost their jobs due to the enforced shut downs globally