Save the Leaving cert 2021 .

Save the Leaving cert 2021 .

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Let’s benefit everybody ! 
Optional Leaving Cert and Optional Predicted Grades.

Complete abolition of the Leaving Certificate  is not the solution. It does not appeal or benefit everyone and we must take everyone into consideration. Out of 60,000 students sitting the Leaving Cert course , 1/3 of these students have signed a petition regarding predicted grades. This obviously does not account for the majority of sixth years. It is imperative that both sides of the argument is presented in the media.

It is obvious that this situation is ever evolving, however it is clear that the government have not made adequate changes , adjustments or plans to deal with this situation.

Please save the leaving certificate and allow students to sit the exams they have been being prepared and educated for for six years. 
Even if the leaving cert is made optional , or predicted grades are also an option happening at an earlier or later date. 

For example : What about giving us the same help as last years leaving certificate students for a start , cancellation of the orals and then in lieu of both years of our course being affected , take material off the course to reduce pressure on students and teachers. How are we expected to sit a traditional leaving cert when we have had the most non traditional two years? I believe a lot of students are advocating out of fear for predicted grades because as of now the leaving cert does not actually represent the time we missed. It only gives us more choice , but for high results we must still know each part of our course in every subject extremely well. If more adjustments were made I think students would definitely feel less pressured and more open to sitting these exams.

Students nationally should have closure and know what to work towards - a leaving certificate , predicted grades or even the possibility of both. Predicted grades are inaccurate, and cause deserving people to miss out on their courses. 

Last years leaving cert had a full fifth year and a full sixth year up until March, after their mocks were completed. We have already missed three months of course work and will miss out on a month of in class learning for January, the month before our mocks. 
That’s four months altogether of material that we have not properly covered or been taught and don’t forget about the four months we still have to go until the leaving cert. Altogether  that is at least seven months of material out of a two year course we have not covered, yet the whole two year course can be examined in the mock exams which would be a defining factor for predicted grades! There are so many problems with predicted grades but I do believe those seeking them should get that choice as last years leaving cert did.

However,  both options need to allow us all to receive our results before the college academic year of 2021 begins. We can’t be held back because of something out of our control, when we have already missed out on so much. 

With respect ,Norma Foley, Micheal Martin, you have now had six months (from June last year) to focus on the Leaving Cert year of 2021. It’s time to let us all know what options we have for our futures. 

thanks to @r.elsg for a lot of this written material on Instagram. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!