Learning day-to-day computer curriculum at Indian schools

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This is for every school that has an Indian curriculum and for the students who feel that Computer Science is boring because of the fact that the things that they learn are found obsolete in the present.


I don't agree with your actions in educating Indian students and those overseas in Indian schools, in the terms of Computer Science. I don't despise education, but I do feel we have the right to learn what's happening in our day-to-day lives, instead of studying what my parents learnt. One thing I really hate though is that students memorise their knowledge of Computer Science through textbooks and notebooks, which we write. But I'm pretty sure computers were made to replace all that. Some of our teachers do encourage us, but our schools do not provide us with the material. There are a lot of free courses online that we could do alone, but at school, Computer Science is a compulsory subject. And by "compulsory", the curriculum is also compulsory. If we could change that to what we see today on our phones and other technology, students would be more attracted to the subject and would attain more grades. I mean, come on; who wouldn't like learning how to make apps, websites and 3D models? Possibly the cost of buying and publishing books of updated programming languages like C++, if a school had to a create a website for its students to learn whenever they go to their labs or whatnot. Students would then be able to build things beyond imagination with their newly empowered knowledge. I'm not telling that your system has to be changed because some of us don't like it, but we're talking about the future here. I mean if an interviewer asks me the shortcut of opening a certain tab in Microsoft Word 2007 (2007, really?), I would certainly imagine how memorising a shortcut would be helpful in a life-and-death situation, probably because of how ridiculous the question is. So I sincerely ask your organisation to make sure some schools get the education they need.


A Student Who Hates Learning about Computers from Reference Books