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Learn From 7 Women's Homelessness Experiences


Homelessness, especially as experienced by millions of families and teens in America, is largely invisible and quite misunderstood.

A new documentary, "on the edge," shines a light on this issue, focusing on 7 women who share their experiences of life without a home. It's a powerful film, one that could change the way this country views homelessness. HEAR US Inc., the national nonprofit behind the film, teamed up with award-winning documentary maker Dr. Laura Vazquez of Northern Illinois University to film and produce the film to raise awareness, and hopefully spur action.

They confidently know on the edge will resonate and inspire all types of audiences. Our nation's leaders and policymakers need to spend 60 minutes watching on the edge. It's an important first step to prioritizing our nation's approach to ending homelessness--understanding the perspective of families and teens.


Letter to
Representative John Boehner
Now that the election is over, will you take an hour to listen to invisible homeless women? It could be the most inspiring, productive 60 minutes you spend.

HEAR US Inc., a national nonprofit organization giving voice and visibility to homeless families and youth, along with Dr. Laura Vazquez, media professor at Northern Illinois University, have filmed and produced “on the edge,” a powerful documentary featuring 7 courageous women sharing their experiences of homelessness. They guarantee it will change the paradigm of how this nation addresses homelessness.

Our current policies and practices don’t begin to scratch the surface for families and youth at risk of or experiencing homelessness. These women shine a light on this little-understood issue in a way that will inspire you to make sure our nation does more than put on bandages on this hemorrhaging wound.

Will you please get a copy of "on the edge" and watch it?

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