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Housing Special Priority Status

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My son has multiple of learning disabilities and this can be proven by doctors, anyone of his teaching mentors in his school and past schools. Unfortunately, I left an abusive relationship back in 2010 and because I resided with the abuser I was granted this Special Status to reside in a 'safe' home.

Now that my son is now 17 and a half years of age and who is identified with MID (Mild Intellectual Disability) and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) he had recently communicated that he was abused by my ex partner as well. He is in fear (and so is this 'Mom') to share anything else to anyone to help him deal with his emotions and what abuse that he endured with my ex partner. The place that I reside my ex partner knows where I live and my son knows that my ex partner knows where we live so my son shared with me that he is going to hold the pain about my ex partners bullying inside until we move.

My son is suppose to be graduating from high school this year and with mid term communication report card it states that he is not focused on his studies because of his fears to share with his professionals that are trying to help him heal. Staying here, I am in fear that my son will not overcome this at all and he will always be angry at the facts. This was not his fault of being abused as a minor; he needs therapy on many things and this too can be difficult because how my son communicates to people. I want to make this known to people that this happened to from my ex partner as well and to have a teenager finally open ups of mental, emotional and physical abuse done to a person is traumatizing enough as it is... they do NOT know what it means to live with a person that suffers from MID and ASD and do not deal with something dramatic in this nature!

In these circumstances I should be on top of this list and I should be eligible for Housing Special Priority! I feel that my son too is being discriminated in his rights to be safe and I feel that I am being treated the same way! I feel that I am being held back my rights as well. The fact that they are stopping me having the right to feel safe and to protect my son.

I want to continue to have signatures for this because of the fact that I have 10 days to appeal for the status to move to have my son turn into a wonderful person instead of holding in anger of what my ex did to him as a minor. This is 'NOT' his fault that this person to whom abused him as a child and he needs understanding counseling and he needs to heal and doing this we have to move. 

I even shared these concerns to my MPP and did not hear back from them about this but I did sign a consent for my MPP office to speak on my behalf, I even got a letter stating from Victim Witness stating that a move will be imperative for my son's and even my own healing. 

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