PYLUSD Board Member Leandra Blades Needs to Resign

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On January 6th, PYLUSD Board Member Leandra Blades was in Washington DC as a part of a rally held by President Trump. Blades knowingly participated in the rally that was meant to impede the democratic process. It’s called “Stop the Steal” and election fraud has been disproven ad nauseam. So, for a school board member to attend to show her discord about a legal election, despite all evidence and information that proves a fair election, shows bad judgement and calls into question her ability to evaluate information and make decisions regarding the district.

The rally eventually devolved into a riot after President Trump and his team instructed attendees to march to the Capitol building. This quickly became an insurrection in which the domestic terrorists in attendance overtook the Capitol building for some time. In a (now deleted) Facebook post, Blades supported the domestic terrorists while spreading false information, referring to those who attended the rally (and eventually rioted) as "Patriots" and blamed the fictional organization "ANTIFA" for the actions committed by the "Patriots" she so openly supports.

Going maskless further adds to the evidence that she is unfit to serve. In the midst of a global pandemic, public health officials have called for citizens to minimize their exposure to others, especially by avoiding unnecessary travel. Blades's "girls trip" blatantly violates that and serves as a slap to the face to every single doctor, nurse, medical advisor, and affected parent, student, and faculty member who's had their lives significantly changed by this pandemic. For a representative of PYLUSD to set such a poor example is not acceptable and is simply further reason for Blades to resign over her careless behavior.

Blades sets the worst example of what PYLUSD stands for. As former and current students who know that our district deserves better, we demand that Blades immediately resigns. Should she choose not to, we will begin processes to recall her.