Exonerate our Computer Science Teacher

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It is the purpose of the classroom to learn, grow, and realize one's self as the individual they are. This should be free from distractions, and it is the teacher's right, no, their DUTY to ensure that each student has the proper environment in order to ensure their success. For fulfilling this duty, our teacher, Mr. Mitchell, has suffered a short suspension (a reasonable assumption seeing that he hasn't been in the school recently). The reason? For, after asking polite many times before hand and giving warning before starting, jokingly, with consent from the student, whilst laughing along with the class during the final examination (said student was laughing as well), applied a piece tape to the students mouth in order to keep them from talking, the student left the tape on his/her own volition, throughout the remainder of the test. This is unjust, unfair, and honestly, Mr.Mitchell is a fantastic teacher of both computer science and of life. Having been in his class for four years, he is more so a life and career mentor to me, rather than a simple teacher.   

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