Join the movement to make our country a peaceful and a happier place for all living in.

Join the movement to make our country a peaceful and a happier place for all living in.

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Leading Women started this petition to Help

As we end 2020, we Gender Based Violence (GBV). We begin the new era 2021 FREE OF GBV. 

Let’s join the movement and unite to make our country a more peaceful and happy place with its people living without GBV.

LEADING WOMEN IN ACTION (A WOMEN [SHE] brings life to this world; SHE will again bring Peace and Restoration to this world).

We are in the 2nd wave of the GBV Pandemic. As the Leading Woman in Action, we appreciate that our Police Minister cares about GBV. He announced that they will not stop fighting GBV- even though police don’t make laws, but they do enforce laws. We were sad as our president did not mention GBV as a 2nd wave Pandemic during his address on the 28th December 2020. We acknowledge that he has a lot on his plate, however GBV is still a pandemic and recently  five people were brutally killed, where a man used an Axe to kill a woman and her kids. Leading Women in Action have put down two laws on the table to be implemented to prevent the brutal killing of our women and children, and to honour the cries of the spirits who have passed due to this pandemic, who beg for justice and for the safety of everyone impacted by GBV. We are demanding that two laws must be implemented and our proposed due date is the 7th March 2021 which is during women international month from the 7th of March 2021. The proposed laws must be implemented. We cannot wait any longer for justice, and our government thus far has failed us.


1.      We call upon the President of South Africa to build an isolated special prison “(ISLAND JAIL)” for the GBV criminals. Those who commit crimes related to GBV must be sent the “ISLAND JAIL” and get a life sentence. We want them out of the communities as they repeat the same crimes; they must never come back and should suffer. This is the pandemic like COVID-19 and funds must be available with immediate effect to build the Prison “(ISLAND JAIL)”

2.       Make use of the CROCODILE LAKE. Those who commit femicide and rape must be thrown in the CROCODILE LAKE. Women and children are dying every second, every minute, every hour and  day, and it must stop. We as Leading Women in Action believe there are not enough resources focused on resolving this Pandemic, given the number of years it has been occurring.

Year in, Year Out, we are given stats, and promises by different people but nothing has been delivered. GBV is a pandemic with no enforced laws to protect its victims.


1.       We also know that approximately 99% of men have emotionally abused women e.g.: sleeping with the wife friend or sister of the wife. We are giving the men a chance to apologize and we ask the women to forgive them for the sake of moving forward, however after March the 7th 2021 during the international women’s month, those 2 harsh laws must be implemented.

2.       The unforgivable cases of Rape and Femicide, its victims will be given the decision to forgive or not to forgive as we begin the new life of happiness and harsh punishment for the offenders.

This petition will be sent to the President by the 7th January 2021, with the aim that it will be announced during the SONA February 2021.  Should this petition be ignored, then all the women and men who are against GBV will go on a black strike for 7 days starting from the 22nd of February till the 2nd March 2021. We can no longer stand idly by while we let this pandemic go unnoticed and unattended to. After the black strike it will be handed to HIGHER POWERS. He gave us wisdom to draw up this petition and put it on the table ready to be implemented. This is the promise that we make to all those who support Anti GBV.

NB: Please let’s unite and work together as a country and the world by enforcing these laws in place. Let us unite for justice.

At this stage everyone understands GBV as it is everywhere. People talk, read and hear about it world- wide. We therefore call upon everyone to join hands and sign the petition. Join our WhatsApp group and get the link for more information about the petition. Our WhatsApp number is 068 597 7563. Send and share this information and the number to those who want to be part of GBV movement -END GBV. Please don’t send irrelevant information to this WhatsApp number. We will be happy to have positive comment as GBV is a pandemic itself.

Leading Women in Action want you to come and be the part with positive ideas after reading information to our problem statement and solution. NB: Only our WhatsApp group will have a link. We pray for these 2 laws as GBV is a hanging dark cloud that continues to consume our the country. Prophets, Priests, Bishops and Her as the country had sleepless nights, praying for a solution and God has finally answered us. The spirit of the dead is calling us for justice,  for their brutal death from GBV.

We have had endless prayer meetings, a police woman was killed by the husband and buried her in the yard more than 10 years ago. God has answered us in this new era; we cannot wait another 10 years again. SHE (Country) has reached a point of no return as GBV is becoming a norm #Enough is enough

No one can block the ocean water by his or her hands. March 7th is the due date.

As women we can change that brutal killing because God himself chose to communicate with Mary through the angels during the birth of Jesus Christ; for the world to be forgiven through him. Joseph was surprised to see Mary pregnant, and only then did the angels came to him to let him know of the miracle. In our African culture also, one woman is chosen to be the mediator with the ancestor (Auntie and in Venda Makhadzi) and they ask their ancestor to lead them when they are performing rituals. NB: Women are the one who carry the boy/man for 9 months in their wound and not kill or harm him and taking care of him with unconditional love. Therefore, the pronoun SHE represents the land or country, for that with her anger the LAND and the women can destroy anything in. Let’s respect the prophecy of the two laws, just like the prophecy of angel Gabriel who prophesied about Jesus coming to be crucified for us to be forgiven. These two laws will lead us to a happier and more peaceful country with love after following those rules.

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